British Roller Derby Championships

Results – 10/11 February 2018

MRDA-side T1

Crash Test Brummies 61 – 359 Tyne and Fear
Barrow Infernos 81 – 400 New Wheeled Order

PosTeamPWLFA+/-T Pts
1Tyne and Fear2206471524956
2New Wheeled Order110400813193
3Mild Discomfort1102581161423
4Crash Test Brummies202177617-4400
5Barrow Infernos202172688-5160

WFTDA-side T3 South

Wiltshire Women’s A 166 – 184 Cambridge Rollerbillies
Killa Hurtz Roller Girl 218 – 141 Hertfordshire Roller Derby

PosTeamPWLFA+/-T Pts
1Cambridge Rollerbillies2205112332786
2Killa Hurtz Roller Girls110218141773
3Hertfordshire Roller Derby211316344-283
4Wiltshire Women’s A202292359-670
5Dorset Roller Girls10167327-2600

WFTDA-side T3 West

North Wales Roller Derby vs Wolverhampton Honour Rollers
Hereford Roller Girls vs Dolly Rockit Rollers

Both games postponed due to venue issues and will be rescheduled.

WFTDA-side T4 East

Deathrow Hull Roller Derby 222 – 195 Grim Reavers
Suffolk Roller Derby 602 – 20 The York Minxters

PosTeamPWLFA+/-T Pts
1Suffolk Women’s A220979928876
2Vendetta Vixens110260861743
3Deathrow Hull Roller Derby211294572-2783
4Grim Reavers202281482-2010
5The York Minxters10120602-5820