British Roller Derby Championships

Men’s Tables 2016

Men’s T1 Premier 2016

1Southern Discomfort55017352711464015
2Tyne and Fear532754896-14209
3South Wales Silures5326931078-38509
4New Wheeled Order5237466816506
5Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder5237116941706
6Barrow Infernos5054181437-101900

Men’s T2 National 2016

1The Inhuman League4401144281863012
2Crash Test Brummies42282346835506
3Quads Of War422672684-1206
4Wirral Pack Animals422570646-7606
5Super Smash Brollers422588751-16306
6Kings of Block and Roll4041881155-96700

T3 Men’s Regional North 2016

1Teesside Skate Invaders33089723566209
2Brothers Grim3216185496906
3Sons of Icarus312468699-23103
4Aire Force One303298798-50000

T3 Men’s Regional South 2016

1Suffolk Roller Derby Men's33077426251209
2Bristol Vice Quad32172831041806
3Nottingham Outlaws312477735-25803
4Brawls Of Steel303269941-67200