British Roller Derby Championships

Men’s T2 and T3 – Final Fixture Permutations

It seems like the Season has only just begun but we’re approaching the exciting conclusion of many of our divisions and tiers. It can get a little complex so we’re here to guide you through the various permutations to let you know who’s got what to play for!

Men’s Tournament

With 2 gamedays left, the tension is tightening for the final placings in T2 and T3.

Tier 2 National

Tier 2 National gameday 6 sees a top of the table clash between Manchester’s New Wheeled Order and Sheffield’s Inhuman League. Both are on 9 points and the winner will take pole position to win the Division going into the final gameday. The winners of this game would only have to win their final game to secure the title, with NWO having the easier last game on paper, playing Milton Keynes’ Quads of War, as opposed to TIL playing Barrow Infernos.

The Inhuman League have 2 tough games remaining. Win both and they are champions. If they lose to TIL, they need to beat Barrow and hope the Quads of War do them a favour against NWO on gameday 7.

Barrow are still in contention for the title, despite their loss to NWO on gameday 3. They need to beat Birmingham’s Crash Test Brummies on gameday 6, hope the Inhuman League beat New Wheeled Order, and then themselves beat TIL on gameday 7, to potentially force a 3 way tie on 12 points. Barrow have the best points differential of the top 3, with a 226 point advantage over NWO and 440 points over TIL, and that could be crucial come gameday 7.

The Brummies cannot win the title but could still achieve 9 points with wins over Barrow and Nottingham’s Super Smash Brollers. They have a 634 point advantage over the Brollers so should finish at least 4th, even if they concede two defeats in their last games.

The Quads Of War will be looking to avoid placing last, by picking up a last day victory over NWO to overtake the Brollers on the last day.

Tier 3 Regional

The last gameday for Tier 3 will be on 1st August.

It’s a simple summary for Tier 3 – two straight shootouts for final placings. Effectively, it’s a divisional playoff with a final and a third place playoff. The top 2 faceoff, seperated by only 6 game points, and the winner of Wirral’s Wirral Pack Animals vs Plymouth’s Kings of Block and Roll will take the title, with the loser taking runners-up spot.

In the second game, both Leeds’ Aire Force One and hosts Bristol Vice Quad are looking for their first win of the season to secure third place.