British Roller Derby Championships

British Roller Derby Championships 2017 – Tournament Head Officials

We are proud to confirm our Tournament Head Officials for the British Championships in 2017.

Photo by John Hesse.

Fu Man Drew will be returning as Tournament Head Referee for the Women’s Tournament in 2017.

Fu began skating back in 2010 and has over 300 games worth of experience under his belt, at all levels across the world. Beginning as Head Referee with Wolverhampton Honour Rollers and Crash Test Brummies, he then led the way as an independent official, in his career he has attained MRDA recognition and WFTDA Certification to Level 2.

Fu has experience of working many key events in all positions mostly as Crew Head Referee, including both the Women’s and Men’s World Cups, The Big O, A Skate Odyssey, Tattoo Freeze, ERDT, Eastbourne Extreme and Men’s European Championships.

Fu returns to the track this year after a sabbatical in 2016 and is looking forward to building the officiating talent in 2017.


Our new Tournament Head Referee for the Men’s Tournament is Macfarlane. She has been skating since 2010 and has been Head Ref of South Wales Silures since 2013. She reffed MEC in 2015 and 2016, acted as Divisional Head Referee for Men’s Tier 2 in 2015 and 2016. She has been MRDA recognised since 2014 and is currently Head Referee for Men’s and Women’s Team Wales and women’s Team Wales National Teams.


Our 2017 Women’s Tournament Head Non-Skating Official is Yvel Saint Laurent. Yvel comes from Rainy City Roller Derby’s world famous Thunderdome, and is a WFTDA Level 2 certified NSO and retired referee. He’s been in derby since 2009, and officiating since 2010. He’s worked across Europe, including the inaugural SKOD, Anarchy in the UK, and Eastbourne Extreme; is MRDA recognized, and was our event THNSO for the British Champs Playoffs in 2016 following a season as the Divisional Head for Tier 2 Women (North). He’s looking forward to the 2017 season, and has a passion for seeing new people find the sport, and new officials becoming awesome.

Photo by Shirlaine Forrest.

Returning as our Men’s Tournament Head Non-Skating Official for 2017 is Sara Tonin. Sara is a freelance, MRDA recognised official. She’s been NSOing for over 2 years, previously affiliated with Manchester Roller Derby. She’s worked at several major tournaments across the world, including Men’s European Cup 2016, 2016 A Skate Odyssey, Men’s Roller Derby World Cup Calgary 2016, and Last Action Heroes 2016. She is passionate for British Championships to provide high quality officiating across the board, whilst supporting the development of UK officials.

We’re excited to have returning and new officials to lead the Tournament and grow British officiating for this Tournament and beyond.

We also wish to offer our thanks to Dr Stevel and Skabarella for their time, effort and dedication as Tournament Head Officials in 2016. We continue to build on the good work of our Heads year on year, and the results of their efforts will be felt this year and onwards too.

The British Roller Derby Championships is Europe’s largest interleague Women’s and Men’s Flat Track Roller Derby Tournament. Women’s and Men’s leagues from England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are divided into tiers for double header bout days spanning the year, to find who will be British Roller Derby Champions for 2017!