British Roller Derby Championships

British Roller Derby Championships 2016 – Divisional Head Officials Announced!

We are proud to announce our Divisional Head Officials for the British Championships in 2016.

We still have a few last remaining spots, but we’re dead excited about the lineup we have for this year. We’re confident our officials will build on their excellent 2015 performances!

Women’s Tournament

Tournament Head Officials

Head NSO – Steven Ramsey (Dr Stevel)
Head Referee – Andrew Baker (Fu Man Drew)

T1 UKRDA Premier

Head NSO – Steven Ramsey (Dr Stevel)
Head Referee – Michael Whale (Metal Ed)

T2 UKRDA National North

Head NSO – Tom Wilcox (Yvel Saint Laurent)
Head Referee – Jean-Quad Grand Slam

T2 UKRDA National South

Head NSO – Sue McMenemy (So Solid Su)
Head Referee – Russell Phillips (Danger Russ)

T3 Regional North

Head NSO – TBC
Head Referee – Leonie Brown (Razor)

T3 Regional South

Head NSO – Iain Wilson (Dor-iain Grey)
Head Referee – Logan Nighthawk

T3 Regional East

Head NSO – Stuart Brown (Cupid Stunt)
Head Referee – Si Borg

T3 Regional West

Head NSO – Rhi Jones (MissChief)
Head Referee – Steven Thomas (Re’f Al Ghul)

T4 Local North

Head NSO – Jo Hawalewicz (Poland Stronk)
Head Referee – Alan Smith (Manarchy)

T4 Local West

Head NSO – Abi Oliver (Bomb Weasley)
Head Referee – Hannah Twitchell (Orla Skew)

T4 Local South

Head NSO – Linz and Needles
Head Referee – James Lye (Rolfer Damage)

T4 Local East

Head NSO – Mike Hayden (Commissioner Gore-em)
Head Referee – Pete Whitlam (Judge Dreadful)

T5 Local

Head NSO – Dave Treadwell (Judge Tread)
Head Referee – Keith Whittall (Julius Sees-Ya)

Men’s Tournament

Tournament Head Officials

Head Referee – Sara Thomas (Skabarella)

T1 Premier

Head Referee – Sara Thomas (Skabarella)

T2 National

Head NSO – Leanne Crosbie (Mrs Cake)
Head Referee – Becks MacFarlane

T3 Regional North

Head NSO – Anna Kennett (The Girl Anachronism)
Head Referee – Matt Newton

T3 Regional South

Head NSO – TBC
Head Referee – Jerry Cooke (Jerry Sling-her)

The British Roller Derby Championships is Europe’s largest interleague Women’s and Men’s Flat Track Roller Derby Tournament. Women’s and Men’s leagues from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are divided into tiers for double header bout days spanning the year, to find who will be British Roller Derby Champions for 2016!