British Roller Derby Championships

Women’s T2 – The Road To Playoffs

It seems like the Season has only just begun but we’re approaching the exciting conclusion of many of our divisions and tiers. It can get a little complex so we’re here to guide you through the various permutations to let you know who’s got what to play for!

Women’s Tier 2

Both North and South divisions have seen some excellent derby this year, proving what a depth of talent there is in the UK women’s derbyverse. Both divisions have 2 gamedays left: a double header and then a final day triple header, with the top 2 teams progressing to the Playoffs on 19th September at Newham and the bottom two teams being relegated to Tier 3 for the 2016 season.

North Division

In the North, both Newcastle Roller Girls and Nottingham Hellfire Harlots remain unbeaten and are in pole position to make the playoffs. Newcastle also have a healthy 249 points advantage over the Harlots which could be crucial at the close. If Newcastle win their remaining game against the Harlots, they will qualify for the playoffs as Divisional champions.

The Harlots can qualify for the playoffs by beating Leeds on gameday 6 and would then have a last day shootout with Newcastle for the divisional title.

However both Leeds Roller Dolls or Hot Wheel Roller Derby could still gatecrash the party. Leeds play the Harlots on gameday 6 and a win for them would put them level on points with Nottingham. As the Harlots play Newcastle on the last day, a win for Leeds against Hot Wheel after a win against the Harlots would see them sneak into the playoffs at Nottingham’s expense if the Harlots lose to Newcastle, or if the Harlots beat Newcastle, points differential will decide..

Similarly wins for Hot Wheel against Hull on gameday 6 and Leeds on gameday 7 could see them still see them claim the second spot. They need the Harlots to lose against Leeds and Newcastle in their remaining games for 3 teams to finish on 9 points and hope that points differential help them out.

Manchester Roller Derby‘s Checkerbroads are all but relegated as they can only reach 3 points if they were to beat Hull on gameday 7, but their points difference is inferior to Hot Wheel, so will count against them in the final reckoning. Hot Wheel would have to lose by around 600 points in their next two games to save Manchester. There is hope, but Manchester need to win their last game to have any chance of beating the drop.

Hull have two crucial games against Hot Wheel and Manchester. They could get to 6 points but because of their points difference would be relying on Leeds to beat Hot Wheel in the last game.

In short with two gamedays left, nothing is decided and there is all to play for!

South Division

In the South, 4 teams are still in the playoff running. Royal Windsor Roller Girls and London Rockin’ Rollers remain unbeaten on 9 points with surprise package Bristol Roller Derby level with them, with one defeat in their 4 games. The crunch game comes in gameday 6 – something’s got to give as Windsor and the Rockin’ Rollers face off. The winner will take a massive step to qualification. However, the losers of that game will have a second chance to qualify on gameday 7, though they will also be looking at other results on the final day.

Bristol will be hoping that LRR beat Windsor, as this will put qualification in their own hands, as, in this scenario, a last day victory against Windsor would see Bristol into the top 2. If they fail to beat Windsor, they will be relying on LRR and Brighton Rockers’s results to find out their own fate.

Brighton could sneak up on the rails if they win their final two games, against Portsmouth Roller Wenches and LRR, but are relying on Windsor doing them two massive favours. Sizeable victories in Brighton’s last two games will put them in the frame but they need LRR to lose on gameday 6 to Windsor and Windsor to beat Bristol in their last game. This would put LRR, Bristol and Brighton all on 9 points and the final postions decided on points diffential to separate the teams.

However, Brighton are still in danger of relegation. A win against Portsmouth would see them safe, but if they lose to the Wenches, they need to match Portsmouth’s result on the last day and hope that they have a stronger points difference to stay up.

Portsmouth need to pick up at least one win to have any chance of beating the drop, but their key game is against Brighton, which is a must win sixpointer. A win over the Rockers would get them valuable tournament points, but any game points they score would also count against Brighton’s differential which could be crucial at the death. If they lose to Brighton, Pompey would be too far behind.

The Seaside Sirens are relying on other results for their slim hope of survival. They must hope Portsmouth beat Brighton, hopefully by a single point, that Brighton lose heavily against LRR by at least 556 points, and that the Sirens beat Portsmouth by at least a 398 point differential. It’s a long shot…

We’ll update the permutations after gameday 6, and let you know the situation for the other tiers over the next few days!

The British Roller Derby Championships is Europe’s largest interleague Women’s and Men’s Flat Track Roller Derby Tournament. 72 women’s leagues from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are divided into four tiers for double header bout days spanning the year, with a playoffs to find who will be British Roller Derby Champions for 2015! For the first time, 14 men’s teams will also participate in the debut men’s British Championships tournament, with three tiers of double header action across the year!