British Roller Derby Championships

2015 Men’s Tournament

Men’s T1 Premier

1Southern Discomfort32151130720406
2South Wales Silures32160540220306
3Tyne and Fear321384522-13806
4Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder303292561-26900

Men’s T2 National

1New Wheeled Order55014113721039015
2Barrow Infernos5411390433957012
3The Inhuman League532755803-4809
4Crash Test Brummies523732802-7006
5Super Smash Brollers5144351344-90903
6Quads Of War5055051474-96900

T3 Men’s Regional

1Wirral Pack Animals33070936134809
2Kings of Block and Roll32165054011006
3Aire Force One312509671-16203
4Bristol Vice Quad303521817-29600