British Roller Derby Championships


Womens T1: UKRDA Premier 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Middlesbrough Milk Rollers26
2Tiger Bay Brawlers36
3Birmingham Blitz Dames36
4Brawl Saints – London Roller Girls B23
5Bristol Roller Derby33
6Leeds Roller Dolls30

Womens T2: National North 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Tender Hooligans – Rainy B39
2Manchester Roller Derby26
3Cambridge Rollerbillies23
4Liverpool Roller Birds23
5Wirral Roller Derby43
6Whippin Hinnies – Newcastle B30

Womens T2: National South 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Royal Windsor Roller Girls39
2London Rockin' Rollers39
3Swansea City Roller Derby23
4South West Angels of Terror23
5Kent Roller Girls30
6Big Bucks High Rollers30

Womens T3: Regional East 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Rebellion Roller Derby26
2Norfolk Brawds Roller Derby13
3Killa Hurtz Roller Girls23
4Hell’s Belles Roller Girls10
5Surrey Roller Girls20

Womens T3: Regional North 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Granite City Roller Derby39
2Halifax Bruising Banditas23
3Furness Firecrackers33
4North Wales Roller Derby23
5Auld Reekie Roller Girls B10
6Spa Town Roller Girls10

Womens T3: Regional South 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1North Devon Roller Derby23
2Bath Roller Derby Girls23
3Cornwall Roller Derby13
4Riot City Ravens23
5Dorset Roller Girls10

Womens T3: Regional West 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Sheffield Steel Rollergirls39
2Hallam Hellcats Roller Derby23
3Leicestershire Dolly Rockit Rollers23
4Wolverhampton Honour Rollers23
5Nottingham Roller Girls20
6Milton Keynes Roller Derby10

Womens T4: Local East 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Wiltshire Roller Derby39
2Lincolnshire Bombers26
3Oxford Wheels of Gory23
4Suffolk Roller Derby30
5Vendetta Vixens20

Womens T4: Local North 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Wakey Wheeled Cats39
2Mansfield Roller Derby39
3Grim Reavers23
4The York Minxters23
5Durham Roller Derby30
6Durham City Rolling Angels30

Womens T4: Local South 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Hereford Roller Girls36
2Neath Port Talbot26
3Plymouth City Roller Girls33
4Reaper Roller Derby23
5Severn Roller Torrent20

Womens T4: Local West 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Roller Derby Leicester39
2Cheshire Hellcats26
3Riverside Rebels Roller Derby23
4North Cheshire Victory Rollers20
5Arcadia Roller Derby30

Mens T1: Premier 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Tyne and Fear39
2Lincolnshire Rolling Thunder36
3New Wheeled Order36
4Crash Test Brummies33
5South Wales Silures33
6The Inhuman League30

Mens T2: National 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Mild Discomfort - SDRD B412
2Barrow Infernos23
3Wirral Pack Animals23
4Suffolk Roller Derby Men's33
5Super Smash Brollers23
6Bristol Vice Quad30

Mens T3: Regional North 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Men Behaving Derby26
2Teesside Skate Invaders23
3Glasgow Men's Roller Derby23
4Bairn City Skelpies20

Mens T3: Regional South 2017

PosTeamPT Pts
1Oxford Men's Roller Derby26
2Dorset Knobs26
3Sons of Icarus20
4Brothers Grim20